A detailed view of the best trading platform – Genesis11

A detailed view of the best trading platform – Genesis11

If you are looking forward to trading in the financial market, then Genesis11 is the best option for starting your trading career. This trading platform has attracted the attention of many people over the last few years and also here cryptocurrency is playing a very major role in this trading platform. This firm is providing a great opportunity for getting succeeded in the trading career and also, it will offer many opportunities for making high profits and also it was ensured that in this trading platform you will surely earn then profit more than you have expected. This online platform is using the advanced technology for trading so that you can trade easily from any you are.

Account options available in Genesis11 trading platform

The feature of the best trading platform is providing different account options for the traders and like the same way Genesis11trading platform is also having three different account options so that the experienced traders, professional traders and they are as follows. Mini account, classic account, and premium account. Where the mini account is the first type and this account type is suitable for beginners and the starting deposit of this account type is 500 dollars. The second account type is classic and this account is completely designed for skilled traders and the starting deposit of this account type is 5000 dollars. The premium account type is the last account type and this account is suitable for expert traders and professional traders and the starting deposit for this premium account type is 20000 dollars.

About the customer service offered by Genesis trading platform

The genesis 11 offer the best customer service for the traders and you can contact the service team through phone or online chat. They also provide the latest news and trends in the market for the traders. 

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