Craft Ideas – How to Make Hello Kitty Gift Baskets

Many little kids love Hello Kitty and would enjoy a gift basket filled with Hello Kitty items. A fun craft would be to put together such a basket. The following are some ideas on how to make a Hello Kitty gift basket.

First, you will need to start with the basket. Please make sure you get one large enough for all that you want to put in but doesn’t make it too large so that it won’t look like it’s not filled. It may be good to get a white basket so that it will match Hello Kitty. Now you can decorate the basket if you want. You could cut out pictures of Hello Kitty and glue them to the sides. You can also glue fun items such as sequins, feathers, papers, drawings, stickers or whatever else you would like.

When the basket is ready, you will need to decide on the items you will use to fill it. You may want to consider a doll of Hello Kitty since many people who love Hello Kitty would like this. They have many different versions of Hello Kitty dolls, from small little plush ones to rather large ones. You can tailor the size to the size of your basket, what the gift recipient would want or have space for, and the other items that you have to fill the rest of the basket.

There are a great variety of other Hello Kitty items that can fill the rest of the basket. They sell a wide variety of Hello Kitty toys of different sizes and price points. You can get a Hello Kitty purse or a Hello Kitty hair set. You will want to browse somewhere that has an excellent selection of these toys. Many stores in the mall have excellent choices, as do stand-alone stores such as Learning Express. You will also find an extensive range of items on the Internet at places such as By using a search engine such as Google or Yahoo, you will develop many different websites that offer such toys. The toys may cater to other age groups, so be sure to get something that matches your recipient’s age.

After filling your gift basket, wrap it in decorative plastic, netting or let it stay open to show all of its contents. For fun, you may want to add a balloon. This can make a lovely gift and is a fun craft to put together.